This page lists the various sources I have for the life of la Maupin, the other characters and life in her day. Most are available somewhere on the net. Those that are, are marked with a link icon (link icon) that will take you to them.

Link "Le Maitre D'Armes ou L'Exercic..."
Andre Wernesson, sieur de Liancour
1692, Daniel de la Feuille

This is the 1692 reissue of Liancour's 1886 manual of arms, written we are told, near the beginning of his career...

Link "L'Héroïne travestie, ou Mémoir..."
"Madeleine Delfosses" (perhaps Eustache Le Noble, or François Le Tellier)
1695, Cl.Barbin

A fictional novel with no obvious relationship to Geneviève Premoy other than the heroine's use of the...

Link "Memoirs of the court of France..."
Madame Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy

The story of the insolent Lackey

Page 164:

The Tuilleries are the place of Rendezvous for all the Persons of...

Link "Les avantures de Christine de ..."

1702, Chez Jaques le Jeune

Yet another fictionalized account of a woman warrior.

Link "la Maupin's love letter to d'A..."
Julie d'Aubigny, dit Mlle Maupin

As given by Joseph De La Porte, la Maupin's love letter to d'Albert goes something like this:

Voudras tu, ...

Link "Histoire de la Dragone"
"Mme. M. M***"
1704, Chez George de Backer, Brussels

Full title: Histoire de la Dragone, contenant les Actions Militaires & les Avantures de Geneviéve...

Link "St. Honor and the Palais Royal"
Nicolas de Fer

The map shown here is a section of the 1705 "Huitième plan de Paris divisé en ses vingts quartiers...

Link "Reply to la Maupin"
Louis-Joseph d'Albert

As given by Joseph De La Porte, d'Albert's reply to la Maupin's letter asking for his advice regarding her decision...

Link "l'Histoire de Madame de Mucy"
Guillaume Valdory
1731, Chez Jean Frederic Bernard

The story of Mme de Mucy was published as one of several ancilary histories in the memoirs of Theodore Agrippa...

Link "Les Petits Soupers"
Catherine Durand

A minor, but quite early, reference to la Maupin may be found in "Les petits soupers de l'esté,: ou avantures...

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